1. 07
    Immaculate Conception - St. Vincent De Paul
    11:00 AM Mass
    We begin with the beginning of Mary's life: her Immaculate Conception with Mass. Then drive down to the trail and walk 7.6 miles to St. Vincent's in Dutzow, Mo.
  2. 08
    St. Vincent's - St. Ignatius
    9:00 AM Mass
    Mass 1: 9AM @ Dutzow..trail 10 AM hike 10.4 miles to St. Ignatius-Concord Hill. Trail stop is Peers. Finish walk 4 PM. (10AM - 4PM, 10.4mi) Mass 2: 7:30 PM @ St. Ignatius
  3. 09
    St. Ignatius - St. Anthony's
    9:00 AM
    St. Ignatius:"Lauds." 9 AM: trail. Biggest hike: 12.5 miles + mile to St. Anthony's for Mass at 5 PM. Maps: "Anthony Church Road, Hermann, MO" (9AM - 5PM, 12.5 mi)
  4. 10
    St. Anthony's - Our Lady of Sorrows
    9:00 AM
    Finish the walk! Join Mary under the cross at the Starkenberg Shrine. The walk begins around Case at 9 AM and is to conclude at 2 PM with a Mass. (9 AM - 2 PM, 8.5 mi)
  5. 11
    Our Lady of Sorrows - Assumption
    9:15 AM Mass
    Since Mary's entrance to heaven was no trip by foot, we will get a lift to Assumption of New Haven to finish! Join us for our Finale Mass around 9:15 AM.