Katy Trail Pilgrimage
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  1. Join the Pilgrims (Oct 7-11)
    Join the Pilgrims (Oct 7-11)
    Pilgrimages are about God and journeying with His people. You should definitely join! A pilgrimage is an excellent way to continue to the work that begins in Mass: Go you are sent...and we go to Him while sharing the time of our lives with others. Tis a sacrifice of praise.
  2. Host the Pilgrims
    Host the Pilgrims
    If you live somewhere relatively close to our route we would be grateful if you would give a couple of pilgrims a place to stay for a night. We will require transportation to/from your house, but we will be cheerful. Remember: giving shelter to others is a work of mercy!

Our Lady has inspired people throughout the centuries to serve her Son and His Church.  In our attempt to answer her call we will walk in honor of Mary and Jesus and the Church in joyful celebration of our faith and in reparation for the wounds we have given to their Sacred and Immaculate Hearts.

Why Walk?

This trip along part of Missouri's Katy Trail is a dramatically beautiful way to give your heart to Jesus through Mary.  We will travel to three beautiful Marian churches to follow the order of her life: Immaculate Conception (Augusta), Our Lady of Sorrows (Starkenburg), and Assumption (New Haven)*.  We will have daily Mass, pray the rosary, sing a little, and have plenty of time to walk quietly with our God amidst some of the most peaceful countryside anywhere. 

As the leader of this trip, I will share a little here about myself.  My name if Father Tim Foy and I am a priest of the Archdiocese of St. Louis.  I currently serve as the administrator of St. John' s Gildehaus Catholic Church.  I have traveled this route before and I was eager to put it together following a similar pilgrimage experience in Poland. 

The spirit of pilgrimage is a tremendous gift that God can give us as we go through this great pilgrimage of life.  We grow in the ability to find joy even while we spend ourselves for God.  May all of us realize that we are His children called to strengthen one another. 

Father Tim Foy
5567 Gildehaus Rd
Villa Ridge, Mo 63368

*Assumption of New Haven (the Finale) will be reached via car as it is across the Missouri river from the Katy Trail.